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The bulk of cases that go before the courts are small claims. These are claims that have a value of less than £5,000.

The difference between small claims and other claims is that if your claim is a small claim (i.e. under £5,000 in value) then you will not usually be able to recover costs of having lawyers represent you. The usual rule is that neither party can recover costs of lawyers. However the cost of court fees are recoverable.

Given that parties in small claims are unlikely to recover their costs, it it important that any costs you incur in bringing or defending a claim are kept to a minimum; this is where a Public Access Barrister can help you, by offering a unique small claims service all on a fixed fee, you can ensure that you have the best chances of success in your matter yet without it costing you the earth.

It really has never been more affordable to instruct a barrister to fight for your case.

The Small Claims Fixed Fee Price List

Phone or in Person Advice:             £250

Drafting claim or defence:              £250

Attendance at Hearing:                  £450

Or call us for an all-inclusive quote...

If you have a legal case that you need help with, then our Barristers can help you on a fixed fee basis making legal representation for ordinary people more affordable than ever before.

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There are no hidden charges: all work is undertaken on a fixed fee basis so you know how much it will cost in advance.

Some barristers charge VAT in addition. This would be clearly            quoted.

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